General Richard Montgomery Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution

Montgomery, Alabama

November 2011 - Emma Armstrong is pictured with President Walter Stevenson.  She wears the Orations medallion.

November 2008 - Oration contestants hold their certificates and checks presented by President Stan Phillips and Orations Chairman Bill Scanlan.

November 2011 - Emma Armstrong won our chapter Orations contest.  She is pictured with Emily Simon and Compatriot Bill Scanlan, Orations chairman. 

December 2008 - Our chapter winner Bethany Pate was presented her Orations medallion by Chairman Bill Scanlan.

November 2007 - Adair Nicole Daniel was a contestant.

​​General Richard Montgomery Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

Oration Award Presentations

Contestants at the November 2006 meeting, pictured with their sponsors, and President Manasco (l) and Orations Chair Bruce Pickette (r).

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December 2003 - Laura Bell was our winner.

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May 2003

February 2011 - Our chapter Orations winner (2010), Benjamin Simon, pictured with members of his family, is presented a check and certificate by Compatriot Dick Erickson for his participation in the State Orations contest.