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Junior and Senior ROTC Recognition Programs

The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) conducts two JROTC programs and one ROTC program through Chapter and Alabama Society. These awards are presented by the Chapter, the Alabama Society, or the National Society to JROTC and ROTC cadets who are selected for having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence. The recipients are selected by the Senior Military Instructor (SMI) or Commanding Officer of the JROTC or ROTC unit, who is given full latitude in making the selection.

SAR Bronze Junior ROTC Medal Program

In coordination with the at high schools, the General Richard Montgomery Chapter presents the SAR Bronze JROTC Medal Package to an outstanding cadet at the JROTC Unit’s Annual Award Ceremony. The Chapter provides and presents this Medal Package to a cadet chosen by the SMI. The “Medal Package” includes a medal with drape, ribbon, certificate, and SAR presentation folder.

Cadets are selected using the following criteria (these requirements are also set forth in the parent military service directives to JROTC Units.) 

  • Cadet must be enrolled in JROTC Program;
  • 3rd year of a 4 year Program or 2nd year of a 3 year Program (cadet must be a junior);
  • Top 10% of JROTC Class;
  • Top 25% of his/her Class.

The General Richard Chapter currently awards the Bronze JROTC Medal to cadets enrolled in thirteen (13) JROTC program in area high schools.

JROTC Enhanced Program – Chapter Level

The JROTC Enhanced Program; i.e., the “Outstanding Cadet (OC)” program, requires that a cadet write an original 500-700 word essay in addition to meeting the above listed criteria. The essay Topic is “How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States of America.” It is suggested that 11th grade cadets could prepare for this award at the beginning of the school year by being involved in the writing this essay. (Award of the Bronze JROTC Medal described above does not involve the essay.)

A Nomination Form and Endorsements (Recommendations) from the SMI and the school Principal are also required. The Principal’s Endorsement must also verify the Grade Point Average (GPA) and Class Standing of the cadet. A transcript may be provided, but GPA verification by the Principal is still required. “Block Scheduling,” where students complete one year in one semester, may create a minor problem; however, a cadet still must be enrolled in the JROTC Program. If the School Administrator states the Cadet is a Junior, that status is accepted.

Each JROTC Unit may nominate one cadet to represent the Unit in the Chapter competition. The Chapter selects one cadet to represent them in the Alabama Society competition. The cadet that wins the Chapter or Alabama Society competition should not be awarded the SAR Bronze JROTC Medal.

Nominations for the Chapter OC contest are due by mid to late December to the Chapter JROTC/ROTC Chairman. (The Enhanced (OC) award nomination must be submitted before January 1, while the JROTC Bronze Medal can/should be awarded before the end of the school year.) The OC nominations/entries are judged and the Chapter winner will be invited to read their essay in the Spring at a luncheon meeting of the Chapter at the Montgomery Country Club. Luncheon expenses for the winner will be provided; for accompanying advisors or parents are asked to pay the established luncheon cost.

The Chapter may present a SAR Certificate of Appreciation and/or an Outstanding Citizenship Pin to each cadet nominated for the Chapter contest. Additionally, there is a special Chapter OC Medal (bronze medallion with neck ribbon) for the Enhanced Program Winner. Under certain circumstances, the Chapter may also award the Chapter Runner-up with the SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and Ribbon.

JROTC Enhanced Program – State and National Level

The winning entry for the Chapter is submitted to the Alabama Society in early to mid-January of each year. If selected as the state winner, the student and two accompanying adults are invited to attend the Alabama Society State Convention held in late February or March. The Convention’s Saturday evening banquet meal is provided free to the state winner and accompanying adult(s). Mileage, room, and meal expenses (i.e., ‘travel’ expenses) up to a total of $225 (amount may vary), if requested, are also paid to the state winner for attending the State Convention.

The Alabama Society contest winner is entered in the National Society contest in April or May. The National winner would be flown to the SAR National Congress (held in June/July), provided travel, hotel and expenses not to exceed $1000; awarded the National SAR JROTC Outstanding Cadet medal; and presented a separate check for $1000. The National winner would also read their essay at the Youth Awards Luncheon held during the National Congress. The winning essay will also be published in the SAR Magazine.

Senior ROTC Medal Program

The SAR Silver ROTC Medal is presented (only) to student cadets in a college or university ROTC unit. The medal endeavors to foster the principle of "citizen-soldier" exemplified by the Minutemen.

The medal is approved by the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force. Each service has notified its ROTC units of this approval and has authorized presentation to its cadets or midshipmen. For ROTC units with fewer than 500 cadets or midshipmen, one medal will be awarded each year. For larger units, one medal may be presented for each 500 students enrolled in the unit. In cases where a school has more than one ROTC unit, each unit is counted separately.

The recipients are selected by the Commanding Officer of the ROTC unit, who is given full latitude in making the selection. No recipient may receive it more than once.

The General Richard Chapter currently awards the Silver ROTC Medal to cadets enrolled in the four ROTC program in area colleges/universities.

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