Michael G. Mullen receives Military Service Medal from President William Kirkland.

A new member is inducted.

Compatriot Bruce Pickette receives a Liberty Medal.

Chapter VP Andrews and our speaker, Nancy Dupree of the Alabama Dept. Archives and History.

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New member John Christopher Williams is inducted.

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Email - grm.sar@gmail.com

Bill Stone presents Walter Stevenson Certificate of Distinguished Service for ALSSAR Service 2017.

New member Bolling Hall Holt is inducted by President Kirkland; sponsor Bruce Pickette.

Compatriot Daniel Haulman.

Isla Kirkland 1st Place GRM SAR Poster Contest 2017-8 .

Compatriot Wayne Gregory, accompanied by his wife, Letica, spoke on currency during the  RW. 


Special Agent C.E. Higginbotham was presented the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.



Our chapter receives the ribbon for State participation in the 237th Anniversary Battle of Cowpens.

​​General Richard Montgomery Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

2018 Chapter Meetings Photographs

Compatriot Walter Stevenson receives Chapter Certificates of Appreciation.

Compatriots Bruce Pickette and Bill Stone presented a program about the SAR Educational Center and Museum.

General Richard Montgomery Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution

Montgomery, Alabama



New member Willard D. Addington, Jr. is inducted.

Compatriot Tom Smith congratulates new member John J. Russell.

Compatriot VP Joe Andrew introduces Compatriot Daniel Haulman as our speaker.


President Kirkland inducts 9 family members of Compatriot Joe Cottle.

New member Dennis Wayne Crowe is inducted.


New member Thomas T. Tussell is inducted.

Chapter members who have attended the FBI's Citizen Academy gather with Special Agent Higginbotham and former FBI member and Compatriot Greg Holston.

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